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This page is for you to share your personal information with other graduates of Marvell High School.  Include your family information, number of children  & grandchildren (surely no great-grandchildren yet!).  Let us know  about your current profession or jobs, or just send us your e-mail address so other class members can contact you.   This information will not be added to any junk e-mail lists!  

Faculty Members:

Robert Tiney
Mr. Tiney (Bob)  taught the Sciences at Marvell High School.  He has contacted me and said that he'd love to hear from some of his old students!  You can e-mail him at or

Jan Langford (Miss Palmer)
Mrs. Langford taught 12th grade English in 1973.  She has been a foster care system case manager and is currently a probation officer (soon to be retiring) in Memphis, Tennessee.  You can e-mail her at

Former Classmates from other years:

Ruth Bass (1975)
Ruth has sent many photos to add to our historic photo site.  She is the younger sister of Betty Bass.  You can e-mail her at

Dennis Adkins
Dennis currently lives in Marvell and has been working as a paramedic for 19 years.  He has two children and does woodworking as a hobby.  You can e-mail him at

Brenda Carol Crisp Woodyard (1973)
Brenda Graduated from Arkansas State University and currently is the literacy coach for  Marvell Public schools.    She married Mike Woodyard and has two children and one grandchild, Raeden.  Mike works at Fred's in Marianna. You can e-mail her at:

Quenton Ladell Farr (1973)
Quenton is a careeer Army officer and is currently stationed in Spring, Texas (north of Houston).  You can e-mail him at:

Charles Duke Gill (1973)
After graduating from Arkansas Tech and East Texas State University, Duke was band director at Hubbard Middle School in Tyler, Texas  for 16 years.  He now teaches computer classes at PACE High School in Tyler, Texas.  You can e-mail him at:

Berthena Nunn (1973)
Berthena is living in Jacksonville, AR.  She is currently planning and is the contact person for the 30th class reunion. You can email her at:

Louis Pike (1973)
Louis is serving our country in the war with Iraq and is stationed near Kuwait city.  You may e-mail him at

Janet Robinson Woods (1974)
Janet currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. Janet,  after working 21 years as a successful Office Manager in a fortune 500 company, is now the owner of her own business, CONNECT, a virtual assistance provider based in Chicago. Below is a link to CONNECT:



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